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The operational headquarters

Work activities take place in 2 modern 3000m2 covered factories located in the industrial core of Avezzano (AQ). Production is aimed at the construction of precision equipment, machinery and systems, pneumatic and electronic automation.

The results obtained so far, and the experience gained, place MEC-AB s.r.l. in a leading position in the processing of stainless steel and sheet metal with a customer portfolio including the currently most important companies in the sector, both nationally and internationally.

The company is able to provide a complete partnership to the customer through its work processes of project development and product creation, thanks to the CNC turning and milling, carpentry and welding departments. The recently built machinery allows us to carry out precision work on all types of materials such as: iron, stainless steel, aluminium, titanium, bronze, brass, plastic and polyesters.

The company structure is divided into two main departmentsĀ  related to each other: one dedicated to sheet metal processing with laser cuts, press brakes, and Tig and Mig welders. The other for mechanical machining of turning, milling and drilling. Furthermore, depending on the specific requests of the customer, MEC-AB s.r.l. can supply finished products including galvanic and thermal treatments, alloy finishes and painting.

Certificates and awards